Under A Caged Sky

Genre: sci-fi love story mutant-style


My wings have an attitude.

It’s unfair, really. When the mutations hit Haven, everyone else around got respectable wings: the class jerk got feathers of knives; the professor got creepy spider-black ones. But me?

I got sparkly pink fairy-princess fluff whose favorite pastime is flirting. They flirt audaciously, at least with the ice-winged guy who’s decided to become my personal protector in lieu of my best friend, whose wings of scarlet fire accidentally turned our professor into a living orange alien-looking dude. (Well, before the guy she was crushing on killed him.)

Now she’s on the run with him and I’m left making my way in a caged city overrun with other newly winged mutants.

And that’s just the beginning.

Before I find out what my wings really do.

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For anyone who purchased this book before April 7th, 2016, I’ve added a few sentences for more closure (at least of Avin’s story) and added a bit more info to the afterword. See here if you’re interested in seeing those additional bits.


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