Under A Caged Sky

Genre: sci-fi love story mutant-style

underacagedskyfinal-fjm_kindle_1800x2700“You have three hours to tell us where she is, or else we kill him.”

That’s the choice the Coalition gives me—after they locked us under a caged sky and mutated us, giving us all wings with random-as-crap powers. Mine are sparkly pink ones that flirt and heal and… worse. And my best friend got wings of fire that turned our professor into a sunburst agony of a person.

But I’m learning to live with it—the wings, the fact that my best friend is now a fugitive, the fact that I’m falling in love with a guy who has wings of ice, a heart of gold, and secrets he’s not telling… but the Coalition uses him again and again to force me to stoop to their demands—and I do. I bow, I bend—

I will not break—

But I will only go so far for love.

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For anyone who purchased this book before April 7th, 2016, I’ve added a few sentences for more closure (at least of Avin’s story) and added a bit more info to the afterword. See here if you’re interested in seeing those additional bits.


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