Caged Sky

Under A Caged Sky

Under A Caged Sky pink feather tinted“You have three hours to tell us where she is, or else we kill him.”

That’s the choice the Coalition gives me: betray my best friend or have my partner killed. And this after they locked us under a caged sky and mutated us, giving us all wings with random-as-crap powers. Mine are sparkly pink ones whose favorite pastime is flirting and healing people and… worse.

But I was learning to live with it—the wings, the fact that my best friend had become a fugitive, the fact that I was falling in love with a guy with wings of ice, a heart of gold, and secrets he wasn’t telling… but the Coalition used him again and again to force me to stoop to their demands—and I did. I bowed, I bent—I would not break—

But I will only go so far for love.

* contains some adult language

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I, Ruin

front final (1)I’m only alive because of two things:

My fantasies about Lunar Davith Adurian, the scarred guy who was always near me, pausing in a space of heat behind me, his breath near my hair while dusky blushes graced my skin.

And my best friend gave me a place where I never got hurt.

Then the mutation leaves us writhing on the classroom floor, no breath, no scream. I stagger up beside the other students, feathers of different hues unfolding from our shoulders. But our teacher’s wings swarm with spiders and—

I leave him dead on the sun-drenched floor.

Now on the run with Lunar, I wage an underground war against the Coalition, but inside, I’m coming apart. Lunar challenges my every step and gets too close to the heart I cannot lose. He antagonizes the rebellion I’m supposed to control while my father won’t let me protect the best friend who saved me a million times. I make mistake after mistake, letting them hurt her and use her, while I struggle to keep my heart and hold my course, to control my crazy and trust my beliefs, to hold myself, my life, my sanity—

To hold anything at all when my hands are slippery with blood.

My name is Cascade Amity Andronica, and I’m a monster in the making with trauma in my heart. This is my story.

* Trigger warnings: near rape and sexual abuse in the character’s past

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* NOTE: Cascade Andronica and Lunar Adurian are characters that appear in two independent, standalone novels that follow them in different worlds as they face the problems that plague the tormented character while also fighting a society that represses them.

In the world in I, Ruin, Cascade has been traumatized while Lunar is an enigmatic guy with secret schemes.

In the world in I Dreamed of Us, it’s Lunar who has been deeply traumatized and drags her into his dark world…

I Dreamed of Us

I Dreamed of UsI didn’t start out like this.

Unsalvageable, dangerous, guilty of manslaughter, and unloved.

Before the mutation, I was only unloved. I lived in a spacious mansion with a father who never looked me in the face, and in secret I drew Lunar Adurian, the scarred guy who was always watching me.

The guy I hoped was unloved, too. I wanted him, at least, to understand.

Then the mutation hit us all. The wings ripped apart our world as they ripped from our backs. Our professor’s wings swarmed with spiders that started eating him alive while mine flared into fire that consumed him as his mouth overflowed with arachnids.

It was Lunar who hauled me out of screams and terror and off a floor teeming with burning spiders.

But the authorities didn’t care that my new wings had killed a man.

I went home only to be reviled by my father and kicked out of my house. Lost, I entered the heart of rebellion with Lunar… but no dark underworld waited to tear me apart.

It’s Lunar, the guy who reeks of heartache, who wants to hurt me. He hates what I am.
But he’s also the guy who awakens my sleepy soul, who takes what was unloved and drizzles it with honeyed hope. He wants me to love him even as he wants me to hurt. It’s a constant push and pull, on a balance we’re both afraid to tip.

In the end, though, there’s always a little self-destruction in love.

WARNING: This book contains adult content and themes.

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