The Ever Spirits series

The Ever Spirits

ever-spirits-front-coverAlynah Commonborn no longer exists.

My overlord forged me into a pawn taught to fight, to detect poisons, and to disconnect my soul. Now, in a land where our spurious peace is at an end, I am a concocted lie – princess, decoy, murderess, spy – with only one truth left: greater loyalty to my family than my country. I play the overlord’s heartless daughter to save their lives, but in so doing, I condemn my entire nation to an alliance that will destroy it.

Then a ruthless foe kidnaps me for his own agenda. I need to escape to alleviate the coming disaster, but my every attempt fails – and the stakes keep rising. I’m falling in love with my silver-haired captor, making it harder to fight him. More and more die for my deception, making it harder to believe in. And the ever spirits in the spirit realm keep sending me back from the dead, making me realize that more than my family’s lives hang in the balance, and not only the spirit of my people will break if I fail.

But I am Alynah Commonborn – what’s left of her – and I will not fail.

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The Splintered Princess

thesplinteredprincesssmall Every empress must learn to play hard or lose it all.

Alynah Commonborn has always believed she’s meant for a simple life on her parents’ farm. But when she recklessly chooses a dagger in the sunlit corner of a teeming marketplace, it foretells her destiny as an empress.

The cost of that destiny, however, means she’ll eventually kill someone she loves with that same blade.

Then he steps onto her path. A man who never tells her his name but who becomes irrevocably entwined with her life during a single day of bliss – a dozen hours – before he’s taken by their common enemy.

He breaks off a piece of his spirit and sends it to her, and they share hundreds of nights, thousands of heartbeats, and countless breathless moments.

When she’s abducted by the overlord who might be her real father to train as the protector of his young queen, she immerses herself in training, determined to escape and find her true love… even though he’s become something depraved and pitiless.

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The Fractured Queen

The Fractured Queen


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