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Like everyone else in this world, I’m a damaged product of a warped society, trying to find my way. I’ve danced at glittering balls, had my heart broken in a foreign country, and run away to a city of spires. I found love on cobblestone streets, married in a fairy-tale castle, and divorced in a court of tears.

I write to sweep myself away from the virulent things of the waking world. In the dark of night, alone in my city of spires, I write love stories and epic fantasies, backward fairy tales and books about fire-sellers and healers, dystopias with winged humans whose wings wield unexpected powers and sometimes flirtatious tendencies.


I hate broken hearts. Which means no matter how broken the worlds they live in, the love my characters feel is always fiercely true and endures.

I write tidbits about my life, provide excerpts from my books and give away occasional short stories in my newsletter.


Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to me about anything at sonyalakadosch@yahoo.com or sonyalakadosch@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.

Just FYI, the surname ‘Lakadosch’ used in my email address is my maiden name and was originally from the Hungarian ‘Lakatos’, but my grandfather had it officially changed to Lakadosch, although to this day, why he did so remains a mystery. Lano is my married name that I kept even after the divorce because it’s soooo much easier to for people to remember than Lakadosch! (Mwahahaha! The secret reason I married my ex-hubby – just to change my surname 😀 )