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I have a seriously effed-up mind mentally, but the will of God and my stories keep me sane.

I love writing love stories where the characters go through real sh*t but still freaking stand by one another. They don’t have idiotic misunderstandings, they communicate with one another like healthy humans, they stand united against the crap world, and the guys are actually discerning enough not to want to stick their schtick in every woman that walks past. They know what they want and don’t waste time on what they don’t.

Which, I guess, is good advice for anyone with regard to anything in life.

As to where I get my story ideas, my awesome ex-husband once told me that all the stories in my head actually happened somewhere, in some other universe, in some alternate reality, and I think that’s the closest explanation I’ve found for where the scenes come from.

During the day I test software and strive to be the scourge of the developers in my office. (And if any of them ever sees this admission, they will probably mob me in the office, but I am prepared for them! Ha!)

Contact Me

Feel free to write me about anything at sonyalakadosch@yahoo.com or sonyalakadosch@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.

The surname ‘Lakadosch’ used in my email address is my maiden name and was originally from the Hungarian ‘Lakatos’, but my grandfather had it officially changed to Lakadosch, although to this day, why he did so remains a mystery. Lano is my married name that I kept even after the divorce because it’s soooo much easier to for people to remember than Lakadosch! (Mwahahaha! The secret reason I married my ex-hubby – just to change my surname 😀 )