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Like everyone else in this world, I’m trying to find my way. Some parts of my journey have been like a fairy tale: dancing at glittering balls, running away to a city of spires, finding love on cobblestone streets and marrying in a fairy-tale castle.

Other parts have been a nightmare, such as having my heart broken in a foreign country and divorcing in a court of tears.

I write to sweep myself away from the sometimes virulent reality of the waking world. In the dark of night, alone in this beautiful city of spires, I write love stories and dark fairy tales, epic fantasies about fire-sellers and guild dancers, dystopias with winged humans in caged cities, and I hope one day for another chance at the enchantment called love.

Want to know more?

I write tidbits about my life, provide excerpts from my books and give away occasional short stories in my newsletter.

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Feel free to reach out to me about anything at sonyalakadosch@yahoo.com or sonyalakadosch@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.



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