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Under A Caged Sky

underacagedskyfinal-fjm_kindle_1800x2700“You have three hours to tell us where she is, or else we kill him.”

That’s the choice the Coalition gives me—after they locked us under a caged sky and mutated us, giving us all wings with random-as-crap powers. Mine are sparkly pink ones that flirt and heal and… worse. And my best friend got wings of fire that turned our professor into a sunburst agony of a person.

But I’m learning to live with it—the wings, the fact that my best friend is now a fugitive, the fact that I’m falling in love with a guy who has wings of ice, a heart of gold, and secrets he’s not telling… but the Coalition uses him again and again to force me to stoop to their demands—and I do.

I bow, I bend—I will not break—

But I will only go so far for love.

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We’re the Bloodstained (March 2017)

front“Come to this ruined city and lie down on a bed of our feathers, our tranquil breath mingling in a gorgeous suck of dream.”

I was taken by shadows in the night when I was six and broken.

My father put me back together again, into something made of blood, sweat, and fight, but I broke again when the Coalition mutated us and gave us all wings with unexpected powers. Spiders swarmed from our professor’s wings, and I was lost, lost, lost. My new scarlet wings blazed into crimson flame, and it was over. Prof was dead and I was on the run with my dark boy-fantasy, the smirky guy who always watched me from scarred eyes.

Now I’m falling unexpectedly hard for my guy with his wings of knives while he and I wage an underground war against Coalition spies and mutants to find out why they mutated us – and to stop them from doing it again-

But I’m struggling to hold everything together: to protect my best friend, trust my secretive father, appease divisive rebellion members, to hold myself together—

To hold anything at all when my hands are slippery with blood.

No One to Save Her

A dystopian romance collaboration with the lovely author Iris Ng-Bakalar!

No One to Save HerSerycia Fade, a slave marked for death…

I run into the most impoverished level of our walled city, where poisons and toxins swirl in oily black puddles on the streets, and people are gathering in a square in line for food.
But they can’t be here.
I scream at them to get out, get away.
And the world explodes.

Soren Lost, a Level 1 nonentity…

She breaks into my life like a shard of sunlight shining in a squalid world just before the square explodes. Staggering out of the rubble, she offers me a pill that will give me a month of health in exchange for me getting her back out of Level 1.
Only thing is, a powerful man has her marked for death; she’s got city protectors on her tail; her former master has been mind-wiped and doesn’t remember she exists; and I have a sister to protect.
I should refuse, should leave her mired in her own troubles.
But there’s no one else to save her. So I take the month of health and do my damnedest to save her myself.
Good thing, too, because if I get her to the lab on Level 3, her research might be the key to finding the cure for the virus that dooms us all to die at twenty-six.
If I can keep her alive that long.

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Heiress of the Seven Cities (epic fantasy)

The books in this section are all part of my Heiress of the Seven Cities epic fantasy series. The first one, sort of a prequel to the rest, is Heiress of Healing. The next ones, Heiress of Magic and Heiress of Shadow, follow events that happen in the same time period, but each book focuses on different characters in different parts of the Seven Demesnes.

Heiress of Magic

Heiress of MagicIn the city of mages, a guild slave dances, magical stars drifting from her hair that whisper secret persuasions into the minds of those watching. Every evening she writes down her memories before a shadow in the night takes them. This is where the division begins.

For centuries, the walls of the Seven Demesnes have protected men from weirs and shadow-hungry alike. But those eager for the walls to come down are ready to strike, and those who must defend them stand divided. Guild plots against ruler. Mage plots against mage. The powerful vanish. The weak are enslaved. The survivors keep secrets.

When a mage is murdered, blame is thrown – on the wrong person. Lines are drawn – in the wrong places. Unions are made – with the wrong allies.

And when the enemy strikes, not one is prepared.

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Heiress of Healing

Heiress of HealingThe people of the Seven Demesnes live in unease. Every generation, seven sons are born to rule their seven walled cities. Without them, mankind is fated to fall.

Now, something is killing them before they can be born.

When Iminique Demascus senses a nameless evil striking at the unborn royal children, she has to make a choice. A noblewoman and a healer in a world where aristocrats and mages belong to different castes, she is forbidden by her father to ever heal. Breaking his dictate, she saves a single girl child.

No one thanks her. Neither the child’s parents nor the people want a girl, reviling her for surviving when the males perished. Left as the princess’s sole protector and faced with adversity and hostility from nearly every quarter, Iminique allies herself with the wizard who once dragged her to the brink of death and then inexplicably let her go; a wizard who has his own secret agenda and casts spells that should be impossible.

Meanwhile, in the south, a young sorceress falls prey to an ancient enemy, one weaving his own plans for bringing mankind to its knees.

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Heiress of Shadow (summer 2017)

heiress_shadow_front2Outside the walled cities, more and more shapeshifters perish from an onslaught of attacks by an ancient enemy…

In the shadowlands, a captive shapeshifter longs to escape the fortress where her kind are used against their will to breed an army, even as she’s pulled into the desires and plots of the very foes who hold her.

In the enemy stronghold, a spirit trapped in the realm of the living by her lover schemes against the possessor of her soul.

And to the north, a half-human exile banished outside the city traverses the rich, dangerous and vibrant land beyond the walls, finding a man who brings her unengaged emotions alive, but to give in to what she craves would mean relinquishing all hope of thwarting her father’s plans for human annihilation…

Flippant Fairy Tales

Never Trust a Prince

Never Trust a Prince

A playful, light-hearted romp for those who love fairy tales, humor, and can tell when a moustache is plotting something.

Cousin Ebermeisters can’t be trusted. Neither can five-headed trolls (sly things; always keeping secrets). Neither can princes.

Especially not princes.

In fact, for ex-princess Nikaela, all men are undeniably, unquestionably, indisputably, absolutely, without a doubt and with no exceptions bad news.

That’s why she and her ex-princess friend Saige have a nice little swindle going where they fleece unsuspecting noblemen of their pocket change at royal balls. It’s not exactly a lucrative line of business, but it pays the bills.

At least it pays the bills until Saige (not the sharpest eel in the barrel) chooses the wrong man to cross, and she and Nikaela wind up cursed…

As if that wasn’t bad enough, an unwanted suitor with a head full of chivalrous nonsense and a mind to win Nikaela’s heart chooses that inopportune moment to step back into her life.

And as if THAT wasn’t bad enough, a dragon and a would-be hero sweep into Saige’s life.

And as if that STILL wasn’t bad enough, the untrustworthy men in their lives are about to turn each girl’s well-ordered opinion of the world on its head.

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About That Happy Ending (April 2017)

kindle_coverGood godmother, human princesses are dull as dead rats.

Why did Prince Blandsome have to kiss me and break my curse? I was perfectly happy as a cat.

Now people expect me to behave like a human princess again, and princesses don’t do anything interesting like dangling off curtains with their teeth or pouncing on people’s faces when they’re sleeping.

But then – hope! – a peculiar rat-killing piper tells me I can find my happy-ever-after by undoing my curse, which seems not to have been undone entirely.

So I make a very (un)princessly decision:

I decide this curse of mine had better start running for its life.

Dark Fantasy

The Ever Spirits (February 2017)

ever-spirits-front-coverAlynah Commonborn no longer exists.

My overlord forged me into a pawn taught to fight, to detect poisons, and to disconnect my soul. Now, in a land where our spurious peace is at an end, I am a concocted lie – princess, decoy, murderess, spy – with only one truth left: greater loyalty to my family than my country. I play the overlord’s heartless daughter to save their lives, but in so doing, I condemn my entire nation to an alliance that will destroy it.

Then a ruthless foe kidnaps me for his own agenda. I need to escape to alleviate the coming disaster, but my every attempt fails – and the stakes keep rising. I’m falling in love with my silver-haired captor, making it harder to fight him. More and more die for my deception, making it harder to believe in. And the ever spirits in the spirit realm keep sending me back from the dead, making me realize that more than my family’s lives hang in the balance, and not only the spirit of my people will break if I fail.

But I am Alynah Commonborn – what’s left of her – and I will not fail.