Where Love Comes Sweet or Dark

Welcome to my world! Here, love comes sweet or dark. Magic can be starry, sparkly, and whimsical or swirling, misty, and perilous. And heroines often destroy themselves while fighting for those they love.

And the villains?

Even they are driven by love.

Every story twines and twists around that emotion, from my dystopias where winged humans survive in caged cities, to my fantasies where guild dancers with magical stars drifting from their hair fall into forbidden love with fire-sellers.

The heroines are often trapped, enslaved by circumstance or society.

And my heroes?

They might not be heroes at all.

(You’ve been warned.)

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Wanna know a (public) secret?

I grew up reading a crap-ton of romance novels (and Westerns, epic fantasies, science fiction) where men who slept with countless women were idolized, and I was like, “What? Would you sleep with a toaster, too, just because it has a slot you’d fit in and it happens to be on your kitchen counter for the taking?” Needless to say, young Sonya was Not Impressed.

I think that, in direct retaliation to that ‘men-must-be-constantly-sexed’ culture, I write men who are selective rather than rampant rutting machines. They don’t sleep with whatever orifice happens to bob nearby because they have better things to do, like whatever they’re doing when they meet the heroine and they’re like, “Her. She’s who I want.”

Then it’s bam!

Let the sparks begin.

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