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The Ever Spirits series

I curled my lip in a sneer. “A whip is long and my hand is fast.”
“Is it?” One step later, Kirian repossessed my hand and positioned it palm upward. He traced the mesh of lines there as if outlining my fate, designing his own destiny for me. His tone came light but edged. “I could ruin its quickness.”
Every nerve within me thrummed. “I could ruin yours.”
His voice lowered. “We could ruin each other.”

The Ever Spirits

Andronica series (currently unpublished)

Wingscape dystopian

Fairy tales & short stories

Fairy tales

Heiress of the Seven Cities series (epic romantic fantasy)

Heiress of the Seven Cities

How to Save the World (one deed at a time)

Dude like seriously cropped

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