Heiress of Shadow

The next installment of the Heiress of the Seven Cities epic fantasy series. Estimated release… sometime in 2019 hopefully 😦

For a sneak peek at chapter one, click here!


Outside the walled cities, more and more shapeshifters perish from an onslaught of attacks by an ancient enemy…

In the shadowlands, a captive shapeshifter longs to escape the fortress where her kind are used against their will to breed an army, even as she’s pulled into the desires and plots of the very foes who hold her.

In the enemy stronghold, a spirit trapped in the realm of the living by her lover schemes against the possessor of her soul.

And to the north, a half-human exile banished outside the city traverses the rich, dangerous and vibrant land beyond the walls, finding a man who brings her unengaged emotions alive, but to give in to what she craves would mean relinquishing all hope of thwarting her father’s plans for human annihilation…

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