How to Save the World (one deed at a time)

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Because the world is becoming so littered with human waste and pollution, here is my little corner to help you cause less damage to our environment.

Consume less

  • If it’s broken, fix it; don’t replace it. Sew or patch up holes in your clothes (or ignore them – it’ll probably make it look more fashionable :-D)
  • If you buy something, get it used (if you can):
    • Get books and music at used bookstores
    • Get clothes at a secondhand shop
    • Check out places with used furniture near you, or ask around if someone wants to get rid of something
  • If you buy something new, get it eco-friendly – for example, with clothes, look around for eco-friendly brands and materials (How to Buy Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Clothing on a Budget)
  • Don’t buy bottled water. If you must have water with you at all times, carry a reusable water bottle (not a plastic one) and refill it.

Go the no-packaging route for foods and necessities

  • Find a no-packaging store where you can use your own containers.
    • Toiletries available (among others): soap, shampoo, toothpaste, anti-wrinkle cream, hydrating cream, lip-balm filler (stick form), cosmetics…
    • Foods (among others): pastas, grains, rice, flour, couscous, muesli, milk (you return the glass jug), olive oil, spices, cookies, candies, chocolate, nuts (I even found one where you can crush your own peanut butter!)…
    • Cleaning products (among others): vinegar, laundry detergent, stain remover, fabric softener…
    • Almost all products are also eco-friendly from no-packaging stores
  • When you shop in the grocery store, reuse fabric bags and bring your own reusable (washable) transparent baggies for fruit and veggies

Meat less

  • Eat less meat.
    • Currently, the most ecological option for the planet is to be vegan, but…
    • Vegetarian is just fine, too, and…
    • If you must have some kind of meat, switching to eating primarily chicken is A LOT better than consuming beef, but…
    • If you must eat red meat, at least eat less of it.

Major things you can do

  • If you don’t want kids, don’t have them. Don’t be pressured into it.
  • If you want kids, keep in mind that having more than two is increasing the population of an already bursting planet, and who knows if your kids won’t have to fight for resources if mankind continues on its present trajectory.
  • Don’t fly unless you have to.

Medium things you can do

  • Use your car less, or replace it with a solar-powered or hydrogen-powered one.
  • Replace your energy provider with one that is sourced from renewables.

Minor things you can do (that will add up if everyone does them)

  • use LED lights
  • use bamboo toothbrushes
  • cull food and beauty products that contain palm oil (because rain forests are being razed to make room for palms)
  • use natural, biodegradable products
  • avoid single-use plastic
  • use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins
  • plant trees!
  • Composting is meant to be one of the best ways to sequester carbon on land, so maintain a compost system, if you can.
  • use soap nuts as a cleaning option – they can be purchased in cardboard boxes, then simmered to make a liquid which can be used for dishes/handwashing/shampoo (the liquid works well in a foaming soap dispenser!)… The nuts themselves can be used (in a wee bag) in the washing machine for laundry or in the toilet cistern to aid with toilet cleaning… and then they’re compostable.
  • think of the good ol’ adage of reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as you can.

For women

  • You can use fabric maxi pads (you can get washable ones made of bamboo) or period underwear. There are also silicone menstrual cups, organic tampons, and reusable applicators.

More tips from another source

Two places I’ve found with excellent advice. This article + World War Zero has also compiled a nicely comprehensive list here.

Be a better human

Be kind! If someone’s being a jerk, please realize that they’re fighting their own battle and might have recently lost a job or someone dear to them. Be kind, always. And of course, encourage others to help you save the world 😀

Articles on what you can do to help

If you have any tips yourself, please share them with and I’ll add them here!

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