How to Save the World (one deed at a time)


Because our world is becoming ever more polluted (and overpopulated) and the love of many is running cold while our gutters run with filth, this is my little corner to offer tips for anyone wanting to make our planet a better, cleaner, prettier (even nicer!) place.

My tip for this update

Find a no-packaging store and shop there using your own containers. I found one where you can crush your own peanut butter! They have a machine with peanuts in it, and when you press a button, it grinds them into your jar and you have 100% fresh peanut butter 😀

It also surprised me that they have toothpaste, cleaning vinegar, anti-wrinkle cream (!), laundry detergent, muesli, milk (you return the glass jug), and even sticks of lip balm to refill your used-up one! Not to mention different flavors of cookies and candy, and the array of bar shampoos (some of which – damn – smell good!) and it was all surprisingly cheap.

A rehash of previous tips to NOT destroy the world (in random order):

In general, try to support the stores and brands around you that are veering away from using plastics and helping to clean up our world, those using biodegradable / compostable packaging or dispensing with packaging altogether!

  1. use LED lights
  2. use shampoo bars (no packaging waste!)
  3. use soap bars (liquid soaps, it turns out, aren’t good for the environment)
  4. use bamboo toothbrushes
  5. try to avoid food and beauty products that contain palm oil (because rain forests are being razed to make room for palms)
  6. use natural, biodegradable products
  7. try to avoid single-use plastic wherever you can
  8. plant trees!
  9. think of the good ol’ adage of reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as you can.
  10. when someone’s being a jerk, try to realize they’re fighting their own battle and might have recently lost a job or someone dear to them. Be kind, always.

Here are two articles on general things you can do to help:

If you have any tips yourself, feel free to share them and I’ll put them in my next update!

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