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The Wicked Orc (or The Wicked Orc, the Beguiling Elf, and the Caged Princess)

Orc boys sometimes grow up to be wicked…

On a dreamlike day, an impulsive princess kissed a dying orc boy in a sunlit garden.

Years later, failing to save her kingdom which balances on the brink of revolt, she flees a nightmarish reality to track down her exiled elven love.

He’s been ruthlessly slain.

And the remorseless orc who killed him cages her in his fortress. He locks her behind bars by day and demands too much of her by night.

Gradually, though, he unveils to her his world, his people, his tormented past, his embittered soul, and she stumbles into moments of unanticipated resplendence and overpowering bliss.

The lines between good and bad blur.

But she has to stand her ground.

She has to shield her heart.

Because how can a captive confined to a gilded cage freely give a heart whose love has blossomed in a poisoned prison?

It’s on Amazon.

The Ever Spirits

Alynah Commonborn no longer exists.

Forged into a pawn taught to fight, detect poisons, and disconnect my soul, I am a concocted lie: decoy, princess, murderess, spy, with one truth left: greater loyalty to my family than my country. I play the overlord’s heartless daughter to save their lives, but in so doing, I condemn my nation to an alliance that will destroy it.

Then a ruthless foe kidnaps me for his own agenda.

I try to escape and stop the coming disaster, but every attempt fails, and the stakes keep rising. I’m falling in love with my silver-haired captor, making it harder to fight him. Too many die for my deception, making it harder to believe in. And the ever spirits in the spirit realm keep reviving me from the dead, meaning more than my family’s lives hang in the balance, and not only my people will break if I fail.

But I am Alynah Commonborn – what’s left of her – and I will not fail.

Be prepared for the dark. While the main character is not abused herself, some of the others characters have been held as sex slaves and a few graphic memories are shown.

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The Splintered Princess

In the sunlit but silent corner of a teeming market, I picked up a dagger. It foretold a magnificent destiny – and carried the portent of a steep price.

Then I met him. The man who never told me his name but who became entwined in every aspect of my life, both his sweet side… and the evil side.

Hopefully coming sometime in 2021! For a preview of the first chapter, click here.

Heiress of the Seven Cities

Heiress of Magic

Haunted by loneliness, a shunned sorceress with bone-white hair is the only one holding up the Seventh Demesne walls that protect the city from the sharp-toothed enemies who dwell in the shadowlands.

That enemy is plotting to make all humankind fall, but the citizens of the city, rather than forming a united front, are torn asunder by a guildmaster who pulls their strings like puppets. He turns healer against mage, the powerless against those in power, and in that chaos, a young guild dancer trapped in a strange marriage desperately chronicles her memories every night before a shadow steals them away.

While passions twine and rages flare among the sorcerers and the sorceresses of the Seventh Demesne, their last hope – the shunned sorceress holding up the walls – becomes enmeshed in the scheme of a treacherous mage, one who offers her the one thing she cannot resist: love.

And the enemy watches. And waits. Then he acts.

And the city is not prepared.

To check it on various retailers, click here. For excerpts, click here!

Heiress of Healing

The people of the Seven Demesnes live in unease. Every generation, seven sons are born to rule their seven walled cities. Without them, mankind is fated to fall.

Now, something is killing them before they can be born.

When Iminique Demascus senses a nameless evil striking at the unborn royal children, she has to make a choice. A noblewoman and a healer in a world where aristocrats and mages belong to different castes, she is forbidden by her father to ever heal. Breaking his dictate, she saves a single girl child.

No one thanks her. Neither the child’s parents nor the people want a girl, reviling her for surviving when the males perished. Left as the princess’s sole protector and faced with adversity and hostility from nearly every quarter, Iminique allies herself with the wizard who once dragged her to the brink of death and then inexplicably let her go; a wizard who has his own secret agenda and casts spells that should be impossible.

Meanwhile, in the south, a young sorceress falls prey to an ancient enemy, one weaving his own plans for bringing mankind to its knees.

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Heiress of Rebellion

In progress! For a sneak peek of the first few chapters, click here!


No One to Save Her

A dystopian romance collaboration with the lovely author Iris Ng-Bakalar!

Serycia Fade, a slave marked for death…

I run into the most impoverished level of our walled city, where poisons and toxins swirl in oily black puddles on the streets, and people are gathering in a square in line for food.

But they can’t be here. I scream at them to get out, get away.

And the world explodes.

Soren Lost, a Level 1 nonentity…

She breaks into my life like a shard of sunlight shining in a squalid world just before the square explodes. Staggering out of the rubble, she offers me a pill that will give me a month of health in exchange for me getting her back out of Level 1.

Only thing is, a powerful man has her marked for death; she’s got city protectors on her tail; her former master has been mind-wiped and doesn’t remember she exists; and I have a sister to protect.

I should refuse, should leave her mired in her own troubles.

But there’s no one else to save her. So I take the month of health and do my damnedest to save her myself.

Good thing, too, because if I get her to the lab on Level 3, her research might be the key to finding the cure for the virus that dooms us all to die at twenty-six.

If I can keep her alive that long.

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Fairy Tales!

Never Trust a Prince

Cousin Ebermeisters can’t be trusted. Neither can five-headed trolls (sly things; always keeping secrets). Neither can princes.

Especially not princes.

In fact, for ex-princess Nikaela, all men are undeniably, unquestionably, indisputably, absolutely, without a doubt and with no exceptions bad news.

That’s why she and her ex-princess friend Saige have a nice little swindle going where they fleece unsuspecting noblemen of their pocket change at royal balls. It’s not exactly a lucrative line of business, but it pays the bills.

At least it pays the bills until Saige (not the sharpest eel in the barrel) chooses the wrong man to cross, and she and Nikaela wind up cursed…

As if that wasn’t bad enough, an unwanted suitor with a head full of chivalrous nonsense and a mind to win Nikaela’s heart chooses that inopportune moment to step back into her life.

And as if THAT wasn’t bad enough, a dragon and a would-be hero sweep into Saige’s life.

And as if that STILL wasn’t bad enough, the untrustworthy men in their lives are about to turn each girl’s well-ordered opinion of the world on its head.

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