About That Happy Ending

Estimated release date Autumn 2017

Good godmother, human princesses are dull as dead rats.

Why did Prince Blandsome have to kiss me and break my curse? I was perfectly happy as a cat.

Now people expect me to behave like a human princess again, and princesses don’t do anything interesting like dangling off curtains with their teeth or pouncing on people’s faces when they’re sleeping.

But then – hope! – a peculiar rat-killing piper tells me I can find my happy-ever-after by undoing my curse, which seems not to have been undone entirely.

So I make a very (un)princessly decision:

I decide this curse of mine had better start running for its life.

Yes, I have a cat butt-hole on my cover, but I think that’s okay; it’s just a little thing 🙂




I have formatted the print version! Sharing the title page and final story page here because I think they look so cute 🙂

about-that-happy-ending-title-page about-that-happy-ending-last-page


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