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WARNING BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD: Where Anza is fluff, flirty wings, and sarcasm, Cascade often narrates in something like dark, dreamy trauma. It’s a heavier style also involving deeper subject matter like post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood abuse in her past, and (possibly slightly) dysfunctional sexual fantasies (for the love interest, not for anyone weird). Most of all, Cascade’s story is a love story of two messed-up people, and while it has its light, fun moments and action, it is very much NOT a light book. So please, please be sure you want something like this before downloading.

Also, this is the equivalent of an ARC, meaning this version will undergo a further edit and I’m not sure how much will change, and it’s also not a sequel to Under a Caged Sky (although at some point I mistakenly called it so, for which I apologize); this is just the story from Cascade’s point of view in the same time frame (originally it was one book with two story lines, but I had to split it into two separate books).

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(technical note: the files are on Dropbox, but you should be able to download them even without having Dropbox. When the sign-in/register dialogue comes up, there should be some text at the bottom like “No thanks, continue to view →”, and after you click that, the download should work.)

If you’re unsure how to load the book file onto your reading device, the Smashwords site has some good instructions here: https://www.smashwords.com/about/supportfaq#readonPC (You may have to scroll down to find your device).

Or the Rough Guides site also seems to have a comprehensive guideline: http://www.roughguides.com/how-to-download/

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