Perfectly Scarred: A Story Told in Text & Images

It begins with two worlds. One couple.

Their roles reversed.

Two worlds

This isn’t the story of the assassin, but of the innocent in the world she dreamed of, where he is the one who is wrecked.

Cadie 01

She was unloved and lived in a spacious mansion with a father who never looked her in the face, and in secret she drew the scarred guy who was always watching her.

Cadie 02

She hoped he was as unloved as she was, because she wanted him – at least him – to understand.

She ends up following him into the heart of a rebellion even knowing he reeks of heartache and wants her to hurt like he does.

But she doesn’t care because he awakens her sleepy soul and protects what was unloved, drizzling it with honeyed hope.

Cadie 03

She dares to let him in.


Cadie 04

She knows this:

You have to be self-destructive to love someone troubled, because they’re unstable. Angry. Messed up. They might push you away because they feel undeserving or they’ll get drunk and screw someone else because they want you to know they’re worthless.

Or their unbearable pain will win and they’ll kill themselves just to escape it and leave you kneeling on a bathroom floor with bloody water overflowing the tub they slit their wrists in.

There are a thousand ways they can hurt you, and when you go into something knowing full well that it will hurt you eventually, isn’t that self-destructive?

And still, everyone who’s looked into gorgeous, haunted eyes, who’s tasted lips trembling under tears begging for passion, who’s held someone so beautiful while they break apart in your arms because they expect you to hold them together knows:

True self-destruction is turning away from them.

She doesn’t turn away.

In the meantime, another woman fights to protect the utopia they live in from the man who once held her captive.

Dulcet 01

She’s about to let go.

Dulcet 02

I think that turned out quite well! I was making teasers for I Dreamed of Us, which I released July 6th, and I’m happy with how the ones above ended up. They’re fairly dark, but the book is, too, although it’s also hopeful, with light moments.

Oh, and here’s an extra one that I did just as a joke for my closest friend, who is totally in love with Lunar, the guy in I Dreamed of Us who has wings of knives (the main woman has wings of fire):

Cadie 05 for Meg 2

She posted it on Facebook for everyone’s edification and when I said they wouldn’t get it, she wrote a helpful definition: “…for anyone who’s curious, wing action is what’s shared between two, winged, consenting adults.”

I’m still giggling at that 🙂


Owner of two cats and huge dreams and author of any kind of love story so long as wild stuff is going on...

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Sonya Lano

Sonya Lano

Owner of two cats and huge dreams and author of any kind of love story so long as wild stuff is going on...

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