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Blacked-out Childhood is a Scary Place

I think I moved into a more violent place. Not as in people are brawling on street corners or anything, but I hear arguments through the walls. Screaming matches when I’m near my window. Words from next door I can’t

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A Patchwork of Scars (A short story)

In the chill, relentless rain stood a girl without a name. Her skin a patchwork of scars and motley bruises, her body an untold tale of torment. Memory played truant, an imp dancing beyond her grasp, laughing as it withheld

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A Tooth in a Jar

There’s this guy in my apartment building – a young guy – who’s missing one of his front teeth. Maybe from a fight. Maybe from a bad diet, who knows. I’ve met him a couple times on the stairs. Today

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The Proud Princess and the Ring

Evening fell and the largest ballroom in the palace was primed for the celebration. A quartet of musicians stood in a nook and created magnificent melodies. People in glittering jewels and gleaming satin danced on polished parquet floors. Diamonds, crystals,

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The Proud Princess and the Masked Mage

I found a fairy tale I wrote in Czech, so for fun I’m going to translate parts of it every week. It’s very simple (don’t expect literary titillation here), but so far it’s fun! So here you go… Once upon

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Books That Hurt

We’ve probably all read books that hurt to read. They make us cry when they confront hard losses. They make us uncomfortable when they confront hard issues. They make us weep, make us squirm. Those books also hurt to write.

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You betrayed me, Cezelia. * Yes, Drayven… I did. But you betrayed me first. * How? What did I do that you stand there now and watch me forced to bow at their mercy? I know you’re watching… * I

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Perfectly Scarred: A Story Told in Text & Images

It begins with two worlds. One couple. Their roles reversed. This isn’t the story of the assassin, but of the innocent in the world she dreamed of, where he is the one who is wrecked. She was unloved and lived

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Inked Dreams on My Heart

There’s a city under Haven. Steel skeletons of buildings soar there in jagged spikes: the ruins of a magnificent underground metropolis, lit up by millions of tiny blue lights like bioluminescent plankton. The same blue bioluminescence spirals up in small

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First Kiss in Sunlight

Let me tell you part of my story: He’s walking beside me through a fiberglass forest of snowy grass, where ripples of sunlight crisscross the forest floor in gem-like pools and white boughs sway overhead like sleepy children. Semitransparent leaves above

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