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Then Keep Me

He arrived in the middle of the night, banging on their door in the midst of a raging storm. Windy gusts lashed the windows, tree branches scraping the panes. It brought her and her parents barefoot down the creaking stairs,

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Oops, Weekend with… people? Heeeelp

So the last time I went to a swing dance event, it ended with my ex lounging like a lord in the corner of a dance hall with ladies lounging all around him like coily pretties. Like seriously. And me

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Anyone wanting a peek into an almost phobic mind fraught with anxiety, here are things my anxiety legit gets afraid of: Anxiety: There’s a speck of vindictive dust on the stove that hates you. Me: Dust isn’t vindictive. Anxiety: This

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Battles of Salt and Sighs – OR – let’s define ‘dark romance’

Come, child, on a journey with me through a dark place, and let us define how dark literature fits in our dark world, and along the way, maybe we can define more what dark romance and dark romantic fantasy is

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People are Pockets of Light

Incoming philosophical sh*t! Be warned! So I was running through the park, right? [No, no admirers were chasing me down–or detractors; I just get a kick out of running up and down the park for two hours sometimes. It bewilders

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What makes a fantasy romance dark?

So Imma be honest: I don’t get what people think is ‘dark’ romance, specifically dark fantasy romance. Like I get told I write f*cked up heroes and love interests even though, you know, they read pretty fine to me. [Don’t

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The Knife Fight, the Mysterious Goats, and A Sweetly Smiling Neighbor

Re-blogging one of my favorite blog posts about a knife fight I walked into, the mysterious goats I kept hearing, and my sweetly smiling neighbor 🙂 Happy reading! Everything I Can Possibly Cram into a Single Blog Post Alright, so

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First Kiss in Sunlight

Let me tell you part of my story: He’s walking beside me through a fiberglass forest of snowy grass, where ripples of sunlight crisscross the forest floor in gem-like pools and white boughs sway overhead like sleepy children. Semitransparent leaves above

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And So It Comes to This

I cast a quick glance back over my shoulder. Keep my voice to a whisper so my captors don’t overhear… They can’t get suspicious. If they catch me, they’ll stop even these few meager lines from escaping my weary fingers.

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