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No Darkness Today

This week, the darkness is on haitus. You get a lucky escape. And rather than a book review, you get pictures of Prague from my walk home from my swing dance class. Because occasionally I’m in a social mood–only, since

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The Dark and Crazy Writer

Her spirit was the wrong shape: she never quite managed to squeeze it into the puzzle of her world, where she never belonged–never fit. She looked fine, sure, even pretty in all that diffuse light at royal dances, under fiery

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Battles of Salt and Sighs – OR – let’s define ‘dark romance’

Come, child, on a journey with me through a dark place, and let us define how dark literature fits in our dark world, and along the way, maybe we can define more what dark romance and dark romantic fantasy is

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So Much Torture

“I am so glad I get to write so much torture today,” Rain Sivertsen pronounced while sweeping into a meeting room on the cusp of a new writing day, her face aglow as she faced the other unsuspecting writers in

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What I’m working on in 2016

Anyone curious about what I’m working on this year? Here are the chosen books below plus descriptions and excerpts. In mostly alphabetical order. As to which order I’ll finish them in, I’m not sure, but probably: In this Ruined City

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Blog Hop!

Alright, I’m closing out the year with a recap of the year as part of an Author Blog Hop. So let’s see what comes out… What happened to me in 2013: Not much. I got a job! I wrote a

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That Voice In Your Head That says Write – author interview with Damien Galeone

Hi, all you suckers for a good writer! Today I’m interviewing Damien Galeone, fellow Prague author excellent of Senseless and blogger extraordinaire. He’s currently in the process of writing his second book and has taken a few moments out of

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