Come Taste a Dark God

I am a slave to desires not mine.

Powers hold me in thrall and demand I obey.

I do not obey.

Lol OKAAAAAY. So. What Drama Sonya meant to say with those lines is that the goddess of the anthology I got into decrees I give y’all three chances (like a fairy tale!).

But first, Zulejka says hi! And thanks for liking her better than me. [She’s sure you like her better than me after last week’s post, and I’m not gonna ask.]

And I have a task to tell you about the lovely story that got into the anthology. Btw those first three Drama Lines up there? Yeah, that’s about my character in a nutshell. She ain’t listenin’ to NO ONE (not even herself)]

And sooooooo, onward.

What is Come Taste a Dark God about? Well, it’s a freaking retelling of ‘The Juniper Tree’, which is already creepy, y’all, but I thought one of the anthology requirements was a happy ending, and SO! Creepy weirdo fairytale gets a happy ending.

The description:

Adder has always been a good girl–or so she believes. After all, didn’t she kill those nasty faun children that romped in the fields? Doesn’t she dutifully spit on the statue of the dark god who maimed her sister (the sister that Adder also dutifully carried off and left to die far away from purer people)? And doesn’t she also dutifully endure her husband’s distastefully amorous endeavors?
But she doesn’t count on the dark god, who has other plans for her and her filthy ways.

For realz, the dark god salvaged this story, because Adder was so unlikable and unstoppable until he sauntered in and was like, “Oh, is she killing all those poor darlings down there? She looks kinda cute to me. Hand her over.”

I very gladly handed her over to him, and he made things fun, and there are also adorable fauns and a rhyming character and a sweet husband in addition to Adder 🙂

I’ll post a few snippets and then then three offers for you after those!


It starts with Adder being pious as only a bad woman knows how to be and the dark god being… well, as you would imagine a dark god is:

She knelt on sumptuous bedroom carpet, her pale gown alight in a splendid spill of sunshine, and she lifted her hope to the breadth of sky outside. She clasped her fingers tightly. Please, gods… I’ve been devout, virtuous, wholesome…

Have you?

The voice, not hers, insinuated itself into her mind, his low laugh curling mockingly around her saintly labels.

Ignoring him, Adder asserted more charm and infused more fealty, begging: Coax life into my womb. Bring something into that still, small space beneath my beating heart, beneath the bated breath that’s waiting there with futile faith.

Do you really want that from me? His taunting flowed into her like unctuous honey, oozing through all her unclosed spaces.

Stop intruding, you meddling beast! She renewed her efforts at prayer. Please—

Beg me, my dark storm.


Or try to command me. That would be fun.

She’s like ‘No way, dude,’ and one of my favorite scenes includes the one where he’s mocking her while her husband is performing his husbandly duty (which Adder is bored to tears with). The dark god is all like “Are you enjoying that?” and she’s like DUDE (lol not really, but here’s a snippet from that anyway):

Come douse your light, the dark god offered. Invite my darkness inside you, and I will not drip. I will pour into your soul like an ocean and expand you to the far reaches of being, with everything you want, with such pleasure you need never ache again.

You don’t know what I want! Adder snarled back in her mind.

I know the filth beneath your skin. The brutality behind your beauty. The monster inside your soul. Come lash yourself up against me, and I will bind you to true power.

And since I should also take something from the sweeter character’s perspective, here is part of her sister’s love scene! (in rhyme…):

The rosebuds on our sheets are ruby and stark, but turn black when he douses the candlelight’s spark.

And here, heart to heart, we love in the dark.

His touches of grace, softly parting my lace…

Make my breathing go as soft as a hushed, sacred place.

And here in our bower, at this nocturnal hour, I blossom for his touch like an unfurling flower…

And now, DUN DUN DUUUUUUN, here are your chances:


An opportunity to read my story before the anthology comes out and then review it (eep) once it’s published. If you’re interested after the snippets above, email me at sonyalakadosch @ with PWETTY PWEASE ARC in the subject line or even ‘Goatcheese ARC’ or whatever – as long as you put ARC in the subject line, I’ll know what you want, and you don’t even have to be social by putting anything in the email body (I’m 100% introvert so I’m happily taciturn like that – leave that email body alone, man!). Or I guess you can specify if you want a PDF document or an epub (for ereaders like Kindle, etc.). You will NOT be subscribed to my newsletter or anywhere, so you won’t be spammed afterward. This is only for you to receive a copy of this one story. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter, click here.


An opportunity to win a $10 Amazon gift card if you sign up to help us promote the book on your blog, newsletter, or social media accounts from November 19 to November 26. You can sign up here: or by clicking the image below:


A chance to win bling and stuff! “To celebrate the release of our villains anthology, Once Upon A Wicked Heart, we’re giving away a paperback copy of the book, a Maleficent Funko Pop, a green witch candle, a villains tarot deck, an Ursula tumbler, a pick-your-poison zipper bag, an apple of discord magnet, 3 Greek goddess bookmarks, & a $10 Amazon gift card!” Find that here: or click the image below, which has the swag pictured on it!

And if you just want to preorder the whole anthology, which is currently $0.99 but will increase in price sometime after its release November 19th, you can get that here! Or click on the image below.

Uuugh, I think I have completed all my tasks. I bow to you if you have read this far and I wish you a wondrous, wonderful week!

Oh, and if you like dark romance, I released one last week on accident so that happened… Tagline:

Everything in his city has its price, including her survival.
And she only has her body to pay with.

And my favorite reviewer reaction –>

‘…really perversely compelling in some awful way… I love, love, love, love OMG love that he is all, “Pretend I’m him – your lover.” So many feels! It’s so f*cked up and so great.’

I’ll send more about it in a later post, God willing, but if you want your paws on it now, here ya go!

For now, be kind, y’all!

Owner of two cats and huge dreams and author of any kind of love story so long as wild stuff is going on...

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Sonya Lano

Owner of two cats and huge dreams and author of any kind of love story so long as wild stuff is going on...

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