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Running Away with the Carnival

Some years ago, I overheard my aunt telling my mom that her niece had run away with the carnival… again, leaving behind her navy boyfriend, who chased after her and tracked down the carnival encampment. I was like, “Wait! What?

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Pics Taken on a Sleep-Delirious Trip through Prague

This past Thursday evening I took a random six-hour round-trip bus (three hours there, three back) to dance swing for three hours in Brno, Czech Republic. I discovered that, nope, I can’t dance it for sh*t, but I still try!

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A Tooth in a Jar

There’s this guy in my apartment building – a young guy – who’s missing one of his front teeth. Maybe from a fight. Maybe from a bad diet, who knows. I’ve met him a couple times on the stairs. Today

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Get Out of My Mind

I want it out of my mind. The crazy. The crap thinking that makes me step over cracks five times, or two times, or ten times two times while I have to think of precisely the right thing or else

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And So It Comes to This

I cast a quick glance back over my shoulder. Keep my voice to a whisper so my captors don’t overhear… They can’t get suspicious. If they catch me, they’ll stop even these few meager lines from escaping my weary fingers.

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