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Prague Diaries

People get up to weird crap in Prague. Don’t believe me? Feast yourself on the following bits taken from various incidents, some noted in the journal I used to keep while waiting for the tram to work pre-Covid: We’re only

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A Little Dose [of Prague…]

Relax from the emotional turmoil of this past week with a little dose of Prague. I’m taking you on a visual trip while I traipse through this wondrous city to and from my Saturday meetings every week. Come experience the

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Pics Taken on a Sleep-Delirious Trip through Prague

This past Thursday evening I took a random six-hour round-trip bus (three hours there, three back) to dance swing for three hours in Brno, Czech Republic. I discovered that, nope, I can’t dance it for sh*t, but I still try!

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That Voice In Your Head That says Write – author interview with Damien Galeone

Hi, all you suckers for a good writer! Today I’m interviewing Damien Galeone, fellow Prague author excellent of Senseless and blogger extraordinaire. He’s currently in the process of writing his second book and has taken a few moments out of

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