These Wicked Things will Slink Out

Did you know I used to write smut? Erm. Well, it’s coming out under a pen name that we will pretend does not exist (for purposes of retaining respect with my mother and the rest of my family…). [Mom, don’t you DARE look this book up!]

Welcome Dulcet Darkly, my alter ego shoved deep into her dirty closet, released into the wild in this moment of desperation because the most-visited blog post on my website is ‘cats in cages’ and ‘male chastity belts’, so I can guess where most people’s minds are wandering (hello, gutter, so nice to see you again ;-)), and so! Let me present you with:

My first little dark romance short story – ta da! I’m going to put out my more, um, evocative stories under dear Dulcet Darkly, so if that’s your arena, jump right in! So far it’s on Amazon KU for now, though if enough people request it, I can move it to other platforms.


You humans think you’re safe from the monsters that rule in the dark.
But you are only still alive because of a game I play with the seraphim.
I made a pact with them centuries ago: my monstrous minions will not harm you when they walk the earth, so long as the seraphim send one of their number to spend one night out of the year with me.
One by one, they have all fallen.
Now, the last one stands before me. She is brave still, but when I stroke those feathers, sliding my fingers across them smooth as velvet…
She is the last of the seraphim. When she falls to me, you will no longer be safe…


He narrows his eyes, still clutching his burnt hand—half-claw—as it slowly heals itself. “Deceitful little seraph,” he accuses softly. “You intend to save the worthless humans after all, don’t you.”
I am playful and all pretense as I, ever his deceitful little seraph, gift him an equally deceitful little smirk. “Yes. As delightfully far as you intend to destroy them.”

MWAHAHAHAHAHA! If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find it here, but for all that’s dear, don’t ever tell me you read it! I’ll sink into the parquets with embarrassment! (though DO please review it on Amazon or Goodreads if you like it!)

And if you feel like you want more words from my dang mind, here’s my shamelessly copied info for Sonya addicts: feel free to join the newsletter I haven’t been writing (but intend to), join the patreon I’ve been seriously neglecting (but want to resume), or check out my books I don’t want anyone to buy (for realz cuz it’s my old writing and I’m like nooo, don’t read it…) before I unpublish even more (like I unpublished my dystopians, eep).

Owner of two cats and huge dreams and author of any kind of love story so long as wild stuff is going on...

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Sonya Lano

Sonya Lano

Owner of two cats and huge dreams and author of any kind of love story so long as wild stuff is going on...

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