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Can you untwist from a twisted situation?

So! Because life is currently punching me in the balls (erm, not that I actually have balls), I am doing another book review this week! I know I’ve been putting off my “How to Topple a Dystopia” post, but it’s

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The Arrogant Assassin and the Iron Queen

I’m so bad! I lied. I promised to help you topple the world and, instead, I had so much fun reading a series that I was briefly brainwashed into happiness! So, let’s simmer on the revolution for this week and

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Feast Yourselves on A Court of Crows…

To hide from the terrible things in the world, I will attempt to wreak a bit of joy before I return to the real world in my next post [which will be the incendiary and hope-reviving “8 steps to toppling

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