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Alright, I’m closing out the year with a recap of the year as part of an Author Blog Hop. So let’s see what comes out… What happened to me in 2013: Not much. I got a job! I wrote a

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Heiress of Shadow: the enemy is already here

This is no longer current! Things have changed… This is now separated into two books, with different covers, different blurbs, different beginnings… Any thoughts on my blurb, working cover, or first few scenes? In the city of mages, a young

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Men’s Chastity Belts and Cats in Cages

Wow, I didn’t realize how much my title sounds like S&M! There is none here, however, so those expecting whips and chains and domination may leave if you so wish 😛 Anyway, I’m here to detail my further adventures in the realm of Real

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When Cats Become Collectors

I have lapsed again! *hits head against wall* Grr, I still haven’t gotten the hang of this blogging thing. I will, though, one day, I WILL! *shakes fist in defiance against a stormy sky* So, on to the meat of

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Old Fondue and New Resolve

Well, I haven’t posted in a long time! Been busy with writing stuff… Yeah, writing stuff. Got a problem with that? Okay, so fine, I’ve been busy with family and friends, too. And with a toxic fondue dish from my ex-husband

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